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Color Blind

June 4th, 2018

i am colorblind and that has made painting a challenge. I didn’t even consider it until about four years ago when a co-worker talked me into giving it a try.
Technology and lots of practice have made things easier. Still it can be a challenge. Just like I almost ran a stoplight and drove into oncoming traffic this weekend because the stoplight hung from right to left and I thought the red light was green. Similarly I can struggle in seeing things correctly or close enough when painting. Fortunately I don’t about kill myself with art mistakes. But it is one of the reasons my website is titled
I am colorblind and I’ve tried to make that literal in some of my paintings. My Martin Luther King painting from his I have a dream speech is done in all the primary colors. The hope was to show that while the colors didn’t match their real life depiction, each color has the same relevance and importance.
I’m now trying to do more with this idea. Recent paintings of Serena Williams and a few other sports celebrities have been in colors that are far from the skin color of the athlete. The intention here is so we just might be colorblind when looking at a person. Hopefully you can tell who they are and realize it doesn’t matter what color they are painted in or what color they are in real life.
This may seem silly or it may have no chance of going far. But you’re reading this and if it makes you think or helps spread the idea then that’s success.